MGU Webinar Series

Facilitate the exchange of ideas within the MGU community towards shaping the future.

13 September 2019, Friday
07:45 pm


Every aspect or our life is supported by some form of engineering feat, whether it is the roads we ride on,  the bridges we cross, or the gadgetsand utilities we use in our day to day lives including water, electricity , communication,  and more.  The discipline of engineering encompasses a broad range of specialized fields affecting a wide range of sectors. This breakout session will engage engineering professionals from both sides to come together and share their specialized experiences.  Major areas of discussion will include:

•     Smart City - Smart transportation, housing, traffic, and integrated utility services

•     Infrastructure design and supervision - geotechnical, construction, zoning, permit and inspection.

•     Alternative power sources - hydro, wind, solar, thermal, nuclear

•     Communication, Mechanical and chemical engineering