Peace Diplomacy and Regional Security

MGU Webinar Series

Facilitate the exchange of ideas within the MGU community towards shaping the future.

06 September 2019, Friday
09:45 pm

Peace Diplomacy and Regional Security

With the ongoing reform in Ethiopia, issues of peace, security, international relations, and development are at the forefront. Panel discussions in these breakout sessions will cover issues on educating the public, public awareness of the effects of polarizing views, maintaining law and order, effect of geo-political stability, regional partnerships, diplomacy, and public affairs.  Experts in this area will exchange their views, experience, knowledge, lessons learned, best practices, and trends in their respective areas.

Topics of discussion include: 

•      Challenges of Diplomacy in the 21st Century

•      Peace, Economic and Security Integration among Regions

•      Geo-political stability, regional partnerships